A new brandmark, wayfinding and placemaking strategy was developed for Tcube to reflect its ethos as a driver of digital innovation within the tourism industry

Created by the Singapore Tourism Board, Tcube serves as a platform for experimentation and ideation, bridging the gap between digital innovators and tourism industry stakeholders.

The brandmark for Tcube was derived from the three Ts - Tourism, Technology and Transformation – or T3, that was the basis for its cubic shape.

The letter T is in negative relief encapsulated within a pattern inspired by binary code, the building blocks of digital technology.


Tcube is a collaboration space bringing together parties from different industries—digital and tourism—reflected by the juxtaposition of digital-inspired elements and biophilic placemaking features.

The space had versatility built into its layout for users to experiment, and the wayfinding strategy was created to direct foot traffic regardless of Tcube’s dynamic spatial configurations.