Khatib Central / Chong Pang City Dementia-Friendly Wayfinding System

Residential, Others

With emphasis on ageing in place, Chong Pang City and Khatib Central were imbued with a wayfinding system to assist the growing demographic of elderly residents

Research indicated that seniors and those afflicted with dementia respond better to colours and symbols.


Residential blocks are zoned by bold colours—red, green, or blue—and the block numbers are in large fonts for easy spatial recognition.




Icons including the pineapples, tropical fish, rubber trees, farmers and Chinese gateways were chosen based on their strong association with the area’s history.




Directional signage on aluminium panels were integrated with concrete seats to double as resting spots for the elderly.



These visual cues help them safely navigate the neighbourhood and find their way home directly from the MRT stations.