A New Opportunity For Brands

Wellness is now a permanent lifestyle priority. The Information Age has empowered our thirst for uncovering and reaping the benefits of hitherto specialised knowledge – with insights from the fields of human physiology, psychology and spirituality.

Meet the Zenatics

These hyper-informed, affluent urbanites are constantly seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and love nothing more than living healthy and being at one with the universe. Their demands require the artful melding of travel, hospitality and medical expertise.

Spa and Yoga

Typically pioneers and trailblazers, Zenatics seek lifestyle options that dovetail with their strongly defined ideals and values. They view wellness as a lifelong pursuit, and seek a holistic approach that is more preventative than reactive, focusing on detoxification and revitalization. Wellness for them also means the opportunity to escape and unplug from the pressure cooker of everyday life.

Being early adopters, Zenatics exert an influence over their peer groups – their attitudes and lifestyle choices reflect heightened awareness, providing the inspiration that then informs less progressive consumer segments. These traits make Zenatics a highly desirable demographic, one that marketers, retailers and service providers should prioritise. Tracking Zenatics’ lifestyle preferences helps brands to forecast and predict upcoming consumer trends; something that will become increasingly pertinent as the choices of this group shifts from niche to mainstream.

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The Zenatic’s evolved approach and outlook towards wellness will also have a definite impact on how they travel, and will ultimately be a crucial consideration for their choice of travel destination when it comes to leisure and down time. With that in mind, the travel industry should adapt and pivot products and services to accommodate the growing Medi-Wellness segment.

Hospitality industry research has shown that wellness tourists seek out travel destinations that are idyllic and fairly bucolic, staying for an average duration of five days. They also desire destinations that provide a unified approach to care. This includes a selection of health and wellness-related pursuits, with qualified personnel and experts on hand to advise and fine-tune their living habits and personal wellness practices.

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Wellness travelers also seek out accommodation that adhere to particular standards, with features such as air and water purification, hypoallergenic materials, cutting-edge sleep and productivity enhancing lighting. Catering for wellness travellers should be advantageous for brands since they spend on average 130% more than regular tourists and tend to be loyal, seeking out convenience, expertise, personalisation, and most of all value.

Holistic Holly

Hollistic Holly

To give life to what personal health and wellbeing might possibly resemble in the near future we’ve created a persona - introducing Holistic Holly. An Asian millennial, Holly was likely born in 1980 or later. Typically middle class and possibly single, partnered or a parent, Holly is educated and cosmopolitan. She’s tuned in to global trends and developments, and has one finger constantly scrolling multiple social media feeds, tapping into prevailing socio-cultural heartbeats. An active networker with a strong peer group, Holly is constantly connected and feels both empowered and overwhelmed by information. A digital native, she is at ease incorporating technology into all aspects of her lifestyle.

Holly’s Asian upbringing means she is familiar with both Traditional Asian and Western medical practices, and is receptive towards both schools. Holly believes that wellness is a lifetime endeavour, requiring a holistic approach to overall health that gives mind, body and spirit equal consideration. Holly can also be described as a fitness omnivore, valuing customisable activities that can be tailored not only to her busy schedule, but which are also congruent with her own personal fitness goals and lifestyle objectives.

Holly is a definite value appreciator and urban escapist always on the look out for a good deal to facilitate her next sojourn, from all-inclusive packages to the perks of an exclusive membership, she is motivated by a strong desire to escape the daily grind. In short, Holly is a Zenatic, seeking balance and enrichment in a highly individuated and personalised manner.

Holly summary

What would comprise an ideal holistic getaway for Holly? Here is our non-exhaustive checklist:

• Hikes or power walks in a scenic and natural environment
• Cleansing organic cuisine (should include super foods)
• A roster of high- and low-intensity classes (e.g., yoga, pilates, dance, spin, stretch)
• Daily meditation and mindfulness sessions
• Signature massages
• All-access therapeutic spa
• Personal consultation with medical and wellness professionals
• All-inclusive medical checks, including analysis of sleep and dietary habits
• Premium quality but environmentally friendly accommodation and facilities
• Comprehensive beauty and aesthetic treatments
• Availability of at least one form of traditional or alternative medicine
• Serene and exclusive social atmosphere / setting

Is your brand ready for Holly?

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