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Asia Bagus

Rediscovering the wealth in our own backyard

We often ignore the things we know best in favour of the latest fads. We share our Asian perspectives to F&B trends and developments, revealing a wealth of possibility right under our noses.

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Fusion Cusine

Peranakan cuisine is the harmonious fusion of Malay, Chinese and European cooking methods and ingredients. Can a fresh and holistic positioning of the fusion concept form the basis of a new lifestyle brand? We'd love an Asia-originated melting pot for the masses.

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Let's raid a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) cabinet already! Asia has superfoods galore. Don't just think kale and blueberries, there's so much potential here - immunity boosters, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Organic chocolate-dipped jujubes anyone?

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Biodegradable Packaging

Plastic isn't fantastic. Consider banana leaves, bamboo, seaweed, gourds and coconuts as doggie-bagging possibilities. All natural and sustainable.

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The charm comes in the ripeness of time. Many Asian foods and condiments rely on natural fermentation processes. We'd like to showcase the benefits of bacteria. 

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Fast Food

Thinking of burgers and fried chicken? Think again. Asian street food is prepared with just as much speed for hungry hordes. Can these vendors score by offering greater variety and flavour to the time-strapped? 

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Mobile Food

The appeal of dishes freshly prepared to your liking - on your doorstep - makes an enticing point of differentiation for roving food vendors. There's an opportunity to mesh mundane food delivery with bespoke catering in creating unique dining services that need not cost the moon. 

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Chicken Soup in a Bottle

Heritage should be hip! Asia's rich history and tradition is its trump card. Our challenge lies in evolving brands for the next generation - preserving authenticity while aligning products and services. 

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Artisanal Recipe

Let's reclaim the artisanal tag: shouldn't grandma's cooking also qualify? It's all about equating a true taste of home-cooked goodness with quality.