Ah Kong Den


Ah Kong, the notorious Singaporean-run organised crime gang based in 1970s Amsterdam, is the tongue-in-cheek inspiration for a charming new local café located within the heritage district of Joo Chiat, Singapore. Ah Kong was run by Roland "Hylam Kia", who never lost his taste for Singaporean food despite living in Amsterdam for many years: he paid flight stewards to bring him his favourite dishes from home.

The Ah Kong Den visual identity is a riff on vintage shop signage typography, while the eagle mark is derived from a popular gangster tattoo of the same era that represented power, strength and masculinity.

The eatery's interior features a wall that traces the history of Ah Kong, and is redolent with raw finishes, vintage photographs, furniture and fittings reminiscent of a time gone by.

A member of ONG&ONG Group